USAID Lebanon’s TIF project signed a grant agreement with Madenlebanon S.A.R.L. to facilitate the export of Lebanese wine to the United States on October 29, 2021

Under this partnership, TIF and MadenLebanon will facilitate the formation of a cluster of 15 Lebanese wineries and support them to sustainably penetrate the mainstream market of the US state of #Texas by acquiring the legal permits and compliance requirements, linking them with trade value chain actors,  building brand awareness around Lebanese #wine, and promoting the wine in the American market.

An increase in the exports of Lebanese wine will allow local wineries to generate more revenues and foreign currency, hence helping them sustain their operations and create new job opportunities for the Lebanese people. This project will eventually ease access to the Texan market and other states for other winemakers through sales momentum, and the brand awareness built by the first wave of wineries.

The first step of implementation of the Wine from Lebanon grant will oversee the selection of 15 Lebanese wineries to partner with under this project, and this step has already been completed.

In the second step, the 15 wineries will be part of several private trade events with mainstream buyers and be able to enter wine competitions all conducted in a 12 months period. The program will be focusing on the indigenous grape varietals from Lebanon like Obeideh and Merwah.

The third step is to generate sales and support the mainstream with the marketing tools to get sales and repeat orders.

A comprehensive marketing plan will include an interactive website, video about Lebanon, social media SEO, media relations, and influencers.

This is the first time a comprehensive program is created to help a cluster of Lebanese wineries penetrate the mainstream market in the US state of Texas
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