International food brokers

The food industry is one of the largest in the world, with billions of dollars being spent on food around the world every day. An international food broker is one of the key players in ensuring the smooth running of the international food industry, and MadenLebanon is one of the first food brokers to specialize in Lebanese made products.
As a Lebanese American, the founder understands both cultures and how businesses are run in multiple countries, so they are creating a bridge from Lebanon to the United States, South America and Canada into both ethnic and mainstream retailers.
As FMCG brokers, we offer a wealth of knowledge when it comes to food production, distribution and branding. We become an extension of your company without baring the high cost of setting up a complete operation in a foreign country that can quickly diminish your profit.
We help with the distribution, creating contracts, branding, promotions and finding new products to explore. In addition, we partner your product with the right distributor to make sure that the product is not abused in the market that can damage the brand image and equity.
Houston, USA
Jounieh, Lebanon

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