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Welcome To MadeN Lebanon

Why MadenLebanon?

The owner of MadenLebanon sarl, , has product distribution experience in the United States since 1993. As a Lebanese American, Sam understands the corporate culture of America while still relating to the Lebanese culture. MadenLebanon offers a bridge into both cultures, expanding distribution and marketing of products to countries around the world. Having worked for corporate America for over a quarter of a century has given Sam the business acumen to open doors to both ethnic and mainstream America. Our distribution focus is USA, Canada & some countries in South America.

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Your own National Branding manager.

Most business owners are hands on, but there are a lot of moving parts to make a business successful. A food broker takes the job of a national sales manager off your hands and payroll to make sure your product is being marketed and distributed in the best way to insure growth and profitability. The best part is that you only pay a food broker commission based on performance. If they fail to sell your products, then you do not pay them.

Our fees
Food brokers generally charge a commission that will vary depending on the volume of products being sold and the amount of labor required to sell them. Food brokers will negotiate a commission fee and discuss the option of paying for additional services such as organizing promotion schemes and market research.


Our strength :

MadenLebanon is an international FMCG / food broker for businesses of all sizes. We will customize our services for both small and large businesses to meet their needs. Food broker services offer the expertise to help you break into a market and get your product on the shelves at a minimum cost. Food brokers have several clients so they can charge a lower rate than having a dedicated National sales manager as their overheads are shared by other manufacturers and producers.

The role of a food broker is to act as a selling agent for food manufacturers and producers. They work on behalf of their clients to negotiate sales of their products to wholesalers and retailers. A broker has extensive knowledge about local markets and has strong connections with food businesses that can prove invaluable to their clients. Food brokers provide marketing services as well. Primarily, food brokers are sales people, and a good food broker knows how to market your product to potential buyers and work towards getting maximum sales volumes for your product.


We are hands-on

We  work with the distributors on the ground to ensure product visibility and protect the brand equity. Our feedback comes from the market and supermarket managers. We don't just monitor sales reports. We help grow sales.


We know the market.

MadenLebanon services aren’t limited to sales and marketing.We provide additional service to help increase our clients’ sales volumes such as keeping them up to date on local market conditions. It is a partnership to insure the success of your business.

In addition, we field all the customer complaints so you can focus on what you do best, which is to manufacture a great product. We are behind the scenes supporting and promoting your business. 

Growing your business & added services.

Food brokers have been around for a long time supplying crucial services to food manufacturers and producers for years. At MadenLebanon, we take this service to a new level of expertise by crossing cultures and bringing your product to other countries. Our services could extend to developing and maintaining inventories well as large marketing campaigns for new products. We can also assist in moving stock, rearranging product displays and preparing reports on market conditions for their clients.